The Meaning Of The Necklace

- Mar 28, 2019-

It goes back to the transition period from the matrilineal clan to the Patrilineal clan in primitive society. At that time, men were economically dominant, and in clan or tribal warfare, the winners took the women of each other's tribes as spoils of war, and a chain or rope was used to bind their necks and hands in order to prevent them from escaping. Gradually evolved into some local custom, that is, when men and women are formally married, the woman is brought to the man, while metal ornaments are attached to the woman's neck or hands to show bondage.

Of course, with the progress of society, the way to send necklaces has been a lot milder, but the meaning of the representative still has its relevance.


The meaning of sending a necklace

The first meaning If you are still single, friend stage, then send you a necklace, represents the meaning that I want to fall in love with you. The homophony of the necklace is love, the representative wants to further enhance the relationship with you oh.

So, the first meaning of sending a necklace represents love, you need to pay attention to OH.

A second meaning If you're already a couple. So the second meaning of sending a necklace is to represent the other person's meaning.

The wearing part of the necklace is the neck, is very close to the heart of the place, and the necklace will have a lock action, representing the other side do not want you to be taken away by others, want to accompany you lifetime.

What does a different necklace mean?

The meaning of the four-leaf grass necklace Four-leaf grass is a symbol of luck, the legend of the four-leaf grass is Eve from the Garden of Eden to the Earth, is a symbol of happiness. Four-leaf grass generally only three small leaves, leaves appear heart-shaped appearance, the same leaf color of the darker part is also the appearance of the heart shape, so it is also used as a symbol of romance and happiness. The odds of finding four leaves in many alfalfa are one out of 10,000, so because of the rarity, the four-leaf grass is internationally recognized as a symbol of luck.

So the four-leaf grass necklace represents happiness, health, happiness, dreams.

The meaning of the cross necklace The most recognized meaning of the cross necklace is that the necklace represents love, the cross represents Jesus, and Jesus is pure and sacred, so the cross necklace represents a faithful love. If the boy sends the girl cross necklace, it implies that the boy can sacrifice everything for his beloved woman, lifetime only love her one, if the remorse will be punished by God.

Similarly, if a girl sends a male cross necklace, it shows that she is willing to give the Most Holy love, only love him in this year. So, a necklace between a man and a woman is a very good gift, you can think about it later oh.