Prototype Of The Bracelet

- Mar 24, 2019-

Some scholars believe that bracelets have evolved from the main Jade form of Liangzhu culture at the end of the Neolithic cong, so the bracelet is also known as Jade Cong. Cong can be divided into four categories: wide short type, high length type, fine small, Fang surface.

The formation of wide and short type is related to the round emblem type bracelet, the high length type from the wide short type through the layer tired to raise, the fine small common names  "Fangle ", also known as  "Le son ", and then gradually evolved into the use of evil spirits of the Yulezi. Jade Bracelet is more crafted into a ring-shaped independent individual, generally worn in pairs, in the form of cylindrical more common, this kind of jade bracelet is also used to call  "Yuhuan ". Sui and Tang dynasties to the Song Dynasty, women with jade bracelet decorative arm has been very common, but also known as Jade Arm Kushiro. From this, the wearing of jade arm Kushiro is not limited to the court aristocracy, the civilian population is also very keen on this.

In the frescoes and paintings of Buddhist themes, the images of ladies, flying, Bodhisattva and so on often appear wearing jade bracelets, reflecting the popular fashion of women wearing jade bracelets in the Tang Dynasty. The Jade bracelet in the Tang and Song dynasties was popular with cylindrical and flat body surface. After the Tang and Song Dynasties, Jade bracelet materials and production technology has a high degree of development, the shape has a ring shape, beaded shape, twisted silk shape, braid shape, bamboo shape and so on.

During the Ming and Qing dynasties, more attention was paid to carving decorations on bracelets, with dragon grain being the most common, usually cut into a fitting double-beads shape, followed by rope lines, twisted silk lines and so on. Ming and Qing dynasties jade bracelet material many, jadeite began to use a lot, agate, tourmaline, Amber also have to use. Whether the Grand Officer, or the citizen merchants have the habit of wearing jade bracelet, and people often associate the role of Jade bracelet with love, to give a beautiful, romantic feelings, in the wedding popular with jade bracelet as a love or bride price and so on. Ming and Qing Jade bracelet in the material, workmanship, but also high and low, the advantages and disadvantages, to the superior white and jade Jade and green jadeite is preferred, there are green jade, jasper, agate material string, bracelet.