Stainless Steel Surface Treatment

- Mar 06, 2019-

4.3.1 Cleaning Grinding: If there is damage should be polished, especially with carbon steel parts caused by scratches and splashes, slag caused by the damage must be carefully and thoroughly cleaned and polished.

4.3.2 Mechanical Polishing: To use appropriate polishing tools for polishing, requires uniform treatment, and avoid over-throwing and re-scratching.

4.3.3 Oil removal: Stainless steel parts in the pickling passivation, must be in accordance with the process to remove oil, oxidized skin, dust and other debris.

4.3.4 Water sandblasting Treatment: according to different treatment requirements, the selection of different micro-glass beads, different process parameters, and avoid excessive spraying and so on.

4.3.5 Pickling passivation: The pickling passivation of stainless steel parts must be passivated in strict accordance with the requirements of the process.

4.3.6 Cleaning Drying: After pickling passivation, should be strictly in accordance with the process of neutralization, flushing, drying, completely remove the residual acid.

4.3.7 protection: Stainless steel parts surface treatment after completion, should do a good job of protection, to avoid people stroking and oil, dust and other debris two pollution.

4.3.8 avoid reprocessing: After the surface treatment of stainless steel parts is finished, the reprocessing of the parts or products should be avoided. Including: Chemical ships, storage tanks, pipe boilers and other stainless steel/low carbon steel products surface treatment, such as grinding/polishing, pickling/passivation, inspection/supervision, technical advice and so on.